Photoshoot of the Week: May 25th-31st 2020 – Benelli TNT 25 & Jeane

Benelli lives in its golden moment, after the dark period of the last decades. This motorcycle company, one of the most prestigious companies in Italian two-wheel panorama but in severe crisis, was incorporated into the Chinise group Qianjiang in 2005 after several year: from that moment, step by step, Benelli — now become Benelli QJ – has started to climb back up for a return in style on the markets.
Only few years ago, back in 2016, an Italian court, following an lawsuit filed by a supplier, declared the bankruptcy of the company, but fortunately his judgment was later revoked by an appeals court. Since then, Benelli QJ, almost spurred on by that story, has resumed its march bringing 8 new models on the market in 2017: BN 125, Imperiale 400, 402 S, 752 S, TRK 251, TRK 502X, Leoncino 250 , Leoncino 500, basically all medium-small displacement motorcycles which were able to conquer a large slice of satisfaction by motorcyclists.
In particular, motorbikes such as the TRK 502 (also in the X version arrived in 2018), the Leoncino 500 and the BN125, have well interpreted the moods of an increasingly demanding and selective today’s two-wheels market. Aesthetic apt, dignified performances and attractive prices made Benelli headway among the customers’ preferences to the detriment of more famous motorcycles, even outside Italy.
Even if Benelli motorcycles production moved to China, their design remained in the company birthplace (Pesaro): every Benelli bike is an Italian and you cannot mistake that. The Benelli TNT 25, which is sold outside Italy, is dipped in its home country style completely and looks beautiful, elegant and stylish, just like the tremendous Ukranian motogirl and bikergirl socialite Jeane Gaiden. The headlamps with bezels on the side, the chiseled mudguard and petal discs look classy. The contoured tank which extends to the stylish seats add a lot of elegance along with sportiness to it, just like the multispoke alloy wheels and the handle grips. Benelli TNT25 definitely is worth a ride, and if you’re in the market for a daily rider, there is a lot of money to be saved. But I’ll be very honest with you: you can’t use that money to wine and dine Jeane: she’s already in love with her Torndo TNT25. Beuatiful ladies are always already engaged, aren’t they?



The Benelli TNT 25 is definitely the cheapest Italian sportbike that compromises remarkable value in addition to gorgeous shaping and motivating and unique performance. TNT 25 bike has never disappointed in the streets and carry on to give an exceptional performance. This is most likely one of the best aspects of the bike. It has a big bike impression which is very gorgeous. When it comes to stability of the bike, Benelli TNT 25 is exceptional and has also a great ride performance on constancy.
It has very relaxed and calm seats that helps you to relaxation for long drive. The material on the seat is carbon fiber sort quality. The acceleration on TNT 25 bike is exceptional due to its stripped exterior giving it a benefit with the light weight at an ordinary 168 kg. Control is imaginary and exceptional. TNT 25 has safe and responsive handling. Fashionable wheels and advanced suspension help keep rough roads in form. The significant upside down forks at the front and a one-track shock suspension at the rearmost are well organized and keep the bike established in all kinds of riding situation.
Benelli TNT 25 consist of an electric start button, wet clutch plate, disc brakes and rear mono shock absorbers. Elegant describing is far and wide on the TNT 25. LED blinders and back light look calm and make you visible to traffic, while the race encouraged headlight assembly cheerful and eye-catching. Equipment is complete.
Vertical, four stroke single cylinder engine of TNT 25 may be small, but it is charming and powerful and good for the lightweight TNT 25. 4-valve technology guarantees the engine has plenty of inspiration for beginners and experienced person equally. The bike contains LED tail light and the turn indicators.
The BENELLI TNT 25 is essentially an enjoyable bike. It does pretty much sets out to do pretty well. A well-established seating and riding position of the bike helps to keep up inflexible riding experience for both rider and passenger. The seat is very comfortable and doesn’t give you any pains and stresses after long runs in the saddle. Everything from changeable devices to replacement covers for the oil filler, brake tank and even gold race foot pegs. There is also a perfect line of junction, frame and swing-arm sliders.

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Benelli TNT 25 & Jeane on Ridin'GirlsBlog Benelli TNT 25 & Jeane on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Benelli TNT 25 & Jeane on Ridin'GirlsBlog

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