Photoshoot of the Week: March 9th-15th 2020 – Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 & Issabelle Patricia

Motorbike is the most exciting medium to travel and we all love it, but sometimes air pollution, dust can spoil riding experience. While riding a motorcycle you have to equip yourself with a wide variety of accessories and gears that provide you the utmost amount of safety. One such extremely important accessory is a face mask that has been designed to protect you from dust and other particles present in the air. Riding at higher speed levels makes your face to come in direct contact with a harsh breeze that can distract you and interrupt your smooth ride. Motorcycle face mask assist you in keeping a complete focus on the road by offering full coverage to your face, head and neck area. Not only: they give protection to the face of the rider from getting frozen in cold weather and it can even be used for securing the face from getting hurt in case of an accident.
Also, wearing them under a helmet does not cause any problem for the wearer. Moreover, the colorful patterns and prints added to every biker mask make the selection process easier as you get to select the one that matches your taste. So Romanian fabolous rider and ‘free soul’ socialite Issabelle Patricia always wears face mask under her black helmet to pep up her style game and give her a spunky look while driving her legendary Suzuki GSX-R600 K7. Not only wearing helmets is sexy after all … and in these days, where a terrible and devastating virus is spreading around the world, you have to admit: now more than ever, safe is sexy!

Helmet style



The GSX-R600 has historically had the reputation as the loony of the 600s class. When Honda was still making the CBR with pillion grab-rails, Suzuki was busy making the GSX-R as aggressive, revvy and track focused as possible. How things change. In its 2006 update Suzuki kept all the good points of the old model, the roomy riding position and sharp handling, but added an even gruntier motor: the result was the Suzuki GSX-R600 K7, where K7 stands for 2007, bike’s year of production.
 The K7 has been one of the most sought after motorbikes and it is not difficult to understand why: aesthetics are captivating and modern today, the engine has top performance, it is easy to drive and has good reliability. It is not easy to find in good condition, but not impossible. So let’s see what its owners think and what to check when buying a used model.
 The bike enjoys an excellent reputation as a hypersport bike, certainly not suitable for long trips in pairs, but also less tiring than other rivals.
 The braking system is considered valid on the road, but not very resistant on the track, the majority adopts braided hoses and radial pump, a standard equipment for those who turn on the track.
 Even the suspensions are judged all in all valid but not at the top to turn on the track; the good starting point, however, allows to obtain a good set up by having a good technician overhaul and work the shock absorber and fork; alternatively, there is the classic rear shock kit and fork pump kits.
 As for the engine, it obviously has a lack of torque at the bottom, which is why many adopt a crown with two more teeth, but there are also those who put one tooth less to the pinion. The exhaust system is often replaced, but the real advantages are only obtained with a complete system, eliminating the catalyst and remapping the control unit.
 Regarding the control unit, everyone said that it must be reprogrammed by a specialized center, while with the various additional kits, such as Dinojet, there are no big increases.
 Common problem for all motorcycles is the voltage regulator and the stator. In case of breakage, the best thing is to have the stator repaired by a good technician who makes a new winding with thicker copper. It costs less than buying it new and seems to solve the problem forever; “Chinese” products should not be recommended: they last for nothing …
 On the second-hand market, the offer is good, but the few good models go away quickly, the prices are not low for the well-made bikes with a few kilometers, easy to exceed 5 thousand euros, but if put well and with a few kilometers real are long-lasting bikes, reliability and with a still satisfying ride.
 With a few modifications K7s can compete against any current sportbike!

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Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 & Issabelle Patricia Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 & Issabelle Patricia
Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 & Issabelle Patricia


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