Photoshoot of the Week: March 30th-April 5th 2020 – Mrs Yamaha & Yamaha YZF-R1

Astride the Neckar River in Germany, in a forested vineyard-and-orchard setting in historic Swabia, Stuttgart lies between the Black Forest to the west and the Swabian Alp to the south.
The city was founded as the stud farm Stuotgarten around AD 950. Progress was swift: by the 12th century Stuttgart was a trade centre, by the 13th century a blossoming city and by the early 14th century the seat of the Württemberg royal family.
An age of industrialisation dawned in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with Bosch inventing the spark plug and Daimler pioneering the gas engine. In the 20th century Struttgart became the centre of the largest industrial zone in southwestern Germany: the metropolitan area is the site of the world or German headquarters for a number of prominent auto manifacturing companies, including Daimler AG and Porsche. Whether with trusty steeds or turbocharged engines, Stuttgart was defintely born to ride! And that means this city is basically the sanctuary for gear people, car lovers and racer maniacs just like the sassy and wild bikergirl and popular socialite Mrs Yamaha, which chose this city as staging grounds for her bike raids.
Not only: the Struttgart region is also home to many general and electrical engineering companies as well as firms engaged in clean energy, robotics, and fuel cell and laser technology. Basically this city is the new and the ancient together, in a perfect combination. As history teachers usually repeat, we must learn from the past, for without the past, there is no future. Struttgart clearly knows very well this preaching, and Mrs Yamaha does too: she is addicted to her beautiful new Yamaha RN49 (2017) but she can’t live without her RN22 (2009) too. After all, how can you possibly choose between these two beauties? Thank god there’s no marriage between a rider and his/her bike…

“New” Yamaha R1 RN49


“Old” Yamaha R1 RN22


For 2019 Yamaha have taken an evolution not revolution approach to the 2020 YZF-R1 and R1M. Yamaha claims that both bikes are more rideable and refined than the previous editions, all while being Euro5 compliant.We have already talked about the R1M model two weeks ago, so now we’re going to focus about the brand new Yamaha R1.
The base model YZF-R1 comes in at £16,799 and is available in Icon Blue – as shown – and Midnight Black. New styling tweaks for this year are the matt-finished grey front mudguard, tail unit flanks and the revised front fairing that’s claimed to give 5% better aero efficiency – new fairing fitted to both models.
The 2020 R1, together with her big brother R1M, are the first in the Yamaha range to meet the latest Euro5 regulations. Helping to achieve this, Yamaha’s engineers have increased combustion efficiency by moving the injectors to squirt directly down the intake – as opposed to across it – and relocating the throttle valves nearer to the combustion chamber. The new engine is also blessed with revised finger followers, a new oil delivery system, revised exhaust ports and a final drive new chain. The new 10-hole injectors, 21.5° spray angle, and relocated throttle valves have reduced intake volume by 12% for improved combustion stability, which should help to create a more efficient engine.
To beat the Euro5 regulations, the R1 and R1M are both fitted with four catalytic converters. Two in the forward part of the exhaust chamber and two at the rear, just below the link pipe. The engine’s torque and power delivery are unmistakable, with the four catalysers doing little to mute the MotoGP exhaust note. If anything, the engine feels to pull better in the lower gears than the out-going machine. Other than the improved rideability low-down, most of the other revisions are hard to pinpoint from the seat and are probably more about emissions and noise regs, rather than improving the show for the average rider.
Four refined power modes are available and at least one for any riding situation, with 1 being most aggressive. Mode 2 was optimal for smoother power delivery on the track because mode 1 is a bit harsh with an aggressive throttle delivery. Mode 2 allows the revised CP4 engine to produce smooth and predictable output when either blasting to full throttle after cornering or regulating a maintenance throttle throughout a corner. This smoothness occurred across the rev range, whether at 5000 rpm or nearing redline at 14,000 rpm.
All work identically to the previous generation R1s and integrate seamlessly when dialed into your riding style. On the track, my map basically read 1 across the board, except for 2 on the engine braking management and power mode—all are changeable on the fly. Even when the tires got greasy, the electronic intervention was not noticeable. For the truly experienced pro racers, traction, slide and lift control can be defeated with the motorcycle stationary.
The 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1 has revised KYB suspension that furnishes a more planted feel throughout acceleration, stopping, and cornering. Tossing the already lightweight (450 pounds, ready to ride) around through quick switchbacks is effortless with the R1’s KYB setup, and even more so with the YZR-M1’s electronic suspension. That feeling is especially apparent during mid-corner throttle—the motorcycle remains stable and smooth as it maintains the optimal line. The more planted feeling is due to Yamaha totally revising the R1’s KYB inverted fork with a new internal shim stack design, and optimizing the KYB shock settings. Although the revamped 2020’s KYB suspension may not be noticeable to a novice rider familiar with last year’s R1, it definitely offers more feeling that inspires more confidence when pushing the motorcycle to the limit.
The bodywork is slightly massaged for 2020, and Yamaha claims a 5.3-percent increase in aerodynamic improvement when a rider is at full tuck. Besides the slight massage, the YZF-R1 also has a full carbon fiber tailpiece to complement the returning carbon fiber side fairings and nose.
So which are the main differences with the R1M model? R1 and R1M are physical machines to haul around a track, rewarding a rider that prefers to grab the bike by the scruff of the neck and push it into corners, steering it on the throttle at the corner exit. The R1M retains that mid-corner stability of the old model, while the slightly unnerving rebound action being the only real issue I could find with the base model R1. Both bikes now feature integrated top fairing and tank sides which are aimed at increasing aero efficiency. While they may help with that, I did find it a little harder to grip the tank sides with my legs. If you’re looking for a machine to hang off on the track, a set tank grips should be on your wish list.
With around 75% of R1 owners taking their bikes on track at least once or twice a year, it’s hardly surprising that the track is the primary focus for the new machine. The rider aids and electronics reaffirm the R1 as one of the most technologically advanced machines in the sector, with a rider interface that, while it isn’t simple, does offer more levels of adjustment than most will know what to do with! For less experienced riders it’ll compliment your time on road and track, helping you to achieve more corner speed and lean angle in a safer environment. And for the trackday elite, the new engine braking control means a more tailored package can be created at the click of a button.

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