Photoshoot of the Week: March 2nd-8th 2020 – Sam & Audi RS3

International Women’s Day means different things to different people, but the global focus on equality and celebration is clear. Throughout ancient and modern history, women have collaborated and lead purposeful action to redress inequality in the hope of a better future for their communities, children and themselves. Above all “International Women’s Day” led to the formation of a globally united moment for women across countries to come together in hope and action: its global celebration is a time for reflection of how far women have come, advocacy for what is still needed, and action to continue breaking down barriers. With over a century of history, IWD is a growing movement centered around unity and strength.
Nowadays women are celebrated because of their courage, beauty, and perseverance to do the things they want to achieve in life. Among many other aspects we must focus on this remarkable fact: in the late twentieth century, the two sexes have become more alike in their access to and usage of cars. This convergence of behavior says more about the actions taken by women to gain equality rather than about any changes in automobile production and technology. Among these actions the dominant trend has been for more women of all ages to be gainfully employed and then for women of all ages to be able to drive. They entered what some historians call “male public space” but they have kept all their values, like dignity, hope, tenacity, respect, empathy and their attitude and style. And talking about style, you have to admit that amazing socialite Miss Sam Beck is the queen of style. Not only: ever since she was a little girl, she’ve always loved cars. While other girls collected and played with Barbie dolls and playhouses, she has always dreamed of having a really nice ride and in the years she made her choice picking up one of the greatest car avalable in the market: Audi RS3. Isn’t she fabolous? After all beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself, and she is a Driver, not just a hot girl posing next to a car. To quote what we said in our first post on this blog: you better call her Lady!


Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE (@miss_sambeck) on Instagram: “HIM : “How do I get your attention?” ME : “Drive an Audi.” . . . .📸 @bigalmk4 . .#audigirls #rs3bae #gotemm” • published: Mar 6, 2020

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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE (@miss_sambeck) on Instagram: “It’s Friday Baby 😙 & this girl couldn’t be happier 🎉 ____________________________________________ . . #audi #rs3baby #frontendfriday ____________________________________________ . . Sponsors🏁 @eurocode @zumalux @aprllc @luxmats @mammothtuning @tawcustoms @adamspolishes @cxncustoms @dchaudicalabasas ____________________________________________ . . . @bigalmk4 📸 ____________________________________________ . .” • published: Jan 24, 2020

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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE on Instagram: “I’ll either smoke you out 🍁😙💨 Or you’ll be smoked by me 🏎💨🏁 . . . #420friendly #smokedout #gotem” • published: Mar 3, 2020
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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE (@miss_sambeck) on Instagram: “It’s finally Friday baby 😛 ____________________________________________ #audi #rs3baby #friday ____________________________________________ Sponsors🏁 @eurocode @zumalux @aprllc @luxmats @mammothtuning @tawcustoms @adamspolishes @cxncustoms @dchaudicalabasas ____________________________________________. . . . . . @jason__chavez 📸 ____________________________________________” • published: Dec 6, 2019
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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE (@miss_sambeck) on Instagram: “Thank you @audi for gifting me this awesome, limited edition poster! 😍 I can’t wait to put it up! ♥️ ____________________________________________ #audi #rs3baby #audilove ____________________________________________ Sponsors🏁 @eurocode @zumalux @aprllc @luxmats @mammothtuning @tawcustoms @adamspolishes @cxncustoms @dchaudicalabasas ____________________________________________ . @jason__chavez 📸 ____________________________________________” • published: Nov 11, 2019

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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE su Instagram: “Car girls sit on the hood bc we save laps for racing 🏁😛 . . . #audisport #audigirl #rs3bae” • published: Mar 1, 2020
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Miss Sam Beck | RS3 BAE su Instagram: “BIRTHDAY GIRL BLISS ✨💕🎂 . . #audigirl #birthdaygirl #rs3bae” • published: Feb 23, 2020

The Audi RS3 is one of the greatest subcompact performance sedans of our time: the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo in the RS3 has been available here for a few years now, and with 394 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque, it’s a firm favorite for those who aren’t energized by the prospects of a BMW M2 Competition. However, it’s no budget car with prices starting at over $56,000. That said, its unique engine note and undeniable capability on all surfaces make it one of the most usable performance cars available. All four wheels get some of the brilliant engine’s output, which is managed by a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Unlike the Bimmer, no manual option is available, but those who have sampled the S-tronic won’t be too perturbed.
The RS3, and the A3 on which it is based, are due for a complete redesign soon, so for now, little has changed. The 14-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system that was formerly an option is now included as standard, but aside from that, the RS3 is identical in 2020 guise to the 2019 model. Carbon-ceramic brakes have, however, been dropped from the options list.
Essentially this facelift brings the RS3 in line with the recently updated A3 so you now get LED headlights (with optional Matrix upgrade) and the 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit digital instrument panel with configurable displays. The suspension is 25mm lower than the A3 and there’s a 20mm wider front track plus the usual RS styling upgrades – honeycomb grille, ‘quattro’ front bumper logo, larger air intakes, flared wheel arches and massive oval tailpipes. Carbon ceramic front brakes are an option, as is the wider-ranging magnetic adaptive damping system, more supportive RS bucket seats and the ‘Audi phone box’ with its wireless charging pad.
The biggest headline, however, is the launch of the RS3 Saloon – the first time Audi has fitted a transverse five-cylinder unit into such a body style. Proportionally it looks like an older, more compact A4 and presents a tempting four-door AWD rival to BMW’s M2.
Besides the tremendous engine, the RS3 comes with a unique red-stitched Nappa leather interior as well as 19″ 5-arm wheels, full LED headlamps, RS-specific fascias and diffuser and magnetic ride suspension. Safety features on all the A3 models include anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control and a tire pressure monitoring system. Airbags include advanced driver and passenger front airbags, knee airbags, thorax side airbags as well as side curtain airbags. An anti-theft alarm system comes standard, while Active Lane Assist, Audi Pre-Sense automatic braking and adaptive cruise control are all optional on the A3 Prestige.
The Quattro four-wheel-drive system comes with new software. So while the RS3 could send 100% of its power to the rear axle before this mid-life update, it never felt as aggressively set up as you might hope. In its new guise, the system never has a standard power split. Audi’s engineers say the ratio between front and rear axles constantly varies, to match both grip levels beneath and driver input inside. There’s more power, too, than . The 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine produces a nice round 400PS, or 395hp, which is up 33hp on before. Additionally, the engine is 26kg lighter (thanks to an aluminum crankcase and magnesium oil pan, if you want to geek out).
The top speed is 155mph, but Audi will lift this to 280kph with the right options box ticking. And that’s still limited. For a car this size, it’s frankly bonkers. Its 0-100kph sprint also lives in a more serious part of the market. Audi quotes 4.1sec—0.2sec quicker than the old RS3—and we suspect it’ll dip below that easily. With the seven-speed S Tronic automatic gearbox linked to a launch control system, it’s all dangerously attainable, too.
Sensible numbers—on the new-fangled WLTP system—are 12.63km/L and 216g/km of CO2 emissions.
Prices start at a whisker over £46,000 (P3.08 million) for the Sportback, with the Sedan commanding another £1,000 (P67,000).

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Sam & Audi RS3 on Ridin\'GirlsBlog on Ridin\'GirlsBlog   Sam & Audi RS3 on Ridin\'GirlsBlog on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Sam & Audi RS3 on Ridin\'GirlsBlog

It’s always sunny if Sam is around …

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I think it’s finally time for a new pair of sunnies Im obsessed with my @smithoptics but I’ve dropped them sooo many times that they’re all scratched up!Pretty soon they’re gonna break and then what would I do?!?!We all know my sunglasses are literally an extension of me! _____________________________________________ #audi #s3baby #sunnies _____________________________________________ Sponsored by @eurocode @luxmats @tawchicago @aprllc @adamspolishes @cxncustoms @dchaudicalabasas @vibemotorsports @510autogroup _____________________________________________ @jason__chavez _____________________________________________ @6ixeuro @europeanautohause @audibahn @audiclan @audi_luxembourg @audi.culture @vwall_ @ladedrucktv @audirslife @audi_vw_official @audi_collections

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