Photoshoot of the Week: January 13th-19th 2019 – Jasmin & Yamaha YZF-R3

In Medieval times the Weser River brought Europe to Bremen’s door, and the city grew in stature as a Free Hanseatic City from the 12th Century. Sea trade has always been in Bremen’s blood, and from the 17th century exotic products like coffee started arriving. Germany’s first ever coffee house opened in Bremen in the 17th century, while the Bremen-based coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius was the man who invented decaf coffee at the start of the 1900s. Basically caffeine runs through the veins of Bremen inhabitants.
To paraphrase a Norwegian saying, “There’s no such thing as bad coffee, just bad roasting.” The same can be said for motorcycles. Certain machines are preferred by one rider over another, in the same way certain coffee roasts are preferred. Sometimes it’s based on nostalgia or budget, sometimes it’s for purely visceral reasons. Anyway it’s not hard to explain why bikers from Bremen just love sportbikes: just like caffeine, riding triggers the release of adrenaline and fuels a new sense of fun, adventure, and practicality. Motorbikes can easily become one of the greatest joys of life, if you’re ok with the hyper-aware emotional state it puts you in, and proud Bremen citizen and motor-addicted socialite Jasmin has definetely made her choice, as shown by her beautiful photoshoot in the city outskirt. So relax, take a seat and a cup of coffee and soak up the atmosphere watching her great pics because, as Bremen people can confirm you, the best way to enjoy coffee is by drinking slowly and savoring every drop to the full. Then, when the coffeine will take effect, go suddle up and take your bike for a ride! There’s always a Jasmin out there that you can try to reach for a run together, but you’ll need to go fast!



The Yamaha YZF-R3 is a modern entry-level sport motorcycle, being introduced only in 2015. With power coming in at approximately 50 HP from the 320cc inline twin lightweight aluminum engine, the R3 is more than capable of hard acceleration, cruising at speed, and track riding, as it has a total wet weight of 368 lbs.
For the 2020 model year, Yamaha has also produced a YZF-R3 Monster Energy MotoGP model, which is primarily cosmetic with new panels that reflect the YZR-M1’s aggressive racing lines with Monster sponsorship, including a fuel tank badge with the Monster logo. No engine or systems modifications are made, and it uses the same dual-zone ABS, anti-slip, and traction control systems that the base YZF-R3 uses.
The cowl shape of the R3 is the same as the R25. The position varies depending on the color, but the difference is only the logo character of “R25” and “R3”. The vehicle size and weight of the R3 are the same as the R25 (ABS). The engine displacement of the R3 is increasing, but the weight does not change, so it is unlikely that it will not be able to support even if foot grounding is slightly worse. The newly adopted LED dual headlights are glared eye designed and expresses more aggressive. At a glance, the M-shaped duct in the center may be like the intake port of the ram-air, but it plays the role of the radiator air intake. The tail light is LED as usual. The R3 has an LED taillight that is the same as the previous model. The R3 has the same duct in front of the fuel tank as the YZF-R1 fuel tank, moreover, a dent is provided to the fuel tank to make it easier for the rider to face down. The height of the fuel tank is lowered by 20mm compared with the previous model at the position of the top of the fuel tank cap. The machining lightweight top bridge succeeded from the YZF-R1 is also adopted to the YZF-R3. Not only the design of the top bridge, but also the handlebar position has been changed. The handlebar position has also been changed from the upper mount of the top bridge of the previous model to the bottom mount of the top bridge when the R3 got a minor change. By that, the handlebar position has been lowered by 22mm.
If you ride with high gears, the acceleration is slow at low rpm and changing gears frequently made a busy impression. That is why the YZF-R3 has no need for frequent gear changes and is comfortable to use, because even if you ride the YZF-R3 with high gear, it will accelerate at low rpm. Even when cruising at high speed, I feel that it is 100km/h at 6,000rpm of 6-speed, which is also lower than the YZF-R25, and I feel that I can afford to ride. Above all, the power is higher with the same body and weight as the 250cc class, which makes the winding a lot more fun, and the power-weight ratio is quite excellent. If the cost and effort of the vehicle inspection clearly do not become a negative factor, the YZF-R3 will be more fun and easier to ride. Since there are many common parts, it is also good that you do not have to worry about customizing.

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Jasmin & Yamaha YZF-R3 on Ridin'GirlsBlog  Jasmin & Yamaha YZF-R3 on Ridin'GirlsBlogJasmin & Yamaha YZF-R3 on Ridin'GirlsBlog

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