Photoshoot of the Week: December 30th 2019 – January 5th 2020 – Suzuki GSX-R750 & Miray

Can you believe we are in a new decade? I couldn’t have imagined the year 2020 when I was a young boy. Do you remember all the movies that took place in the future and how futuristic 2020 was depicted? What about the flying cars and interstellar travels on exotic planets? We haven’t gone near it so far: in a few days I’ll have to take my motorbike to the repair shop, again!
Anyway I don’t mind at all: I believe that each and every day should be our main focus. When we do things from a place of feeling the way we want to feel, it all flows together with so much more ease. For me, my #1 goal this year was to continue the practice of strengthening my inner world – to feel joy and gratitude daily. To fully and completely feel it so deeply that happiness just oozed out of me in my relationships, in my work and in my blog, especially in these weekly posts for all of you.
I’ve been working on my 2020 goals and I’m going to continue with last years intentions, which is adding goodness into my life, not setting resolutions on things I think I need to give up. But, as I decided a long time ago, there is always time for ridin’ my motorbike, whether in my neighborhood or around the whole world, and that’s what makes my life interesting, thus, worth living. I’m not personally interested in flying ships yet, and like the King sang I feel that ‘there’s so much world to see’. I think that many of you totally agree with me on this, and surely Turkish-German bikergirl and misterious socialite Miray endorses those words: you know, she never shows her face on Instagram but I bet there’s a big fat shining smile ridin’ around her Suzuki GSX-R750 behind that black HJC helmet! Why don’t you show it to us? That smile will make all of us just walk on the moon!


More than thirty years ago Suzuki GSX-R750‘s introduction revolutionized the sportbikes segment. Ever since then, the GSX-R750 has remained true to its original concept and championship-winning heritage. On the road or on the track, the GSX-R750 delivers a breathtaking combination of outstanding engine performance, crisp handling, compact size, and light weight. Its secret is an unequaled pairing of 750cc performance with the lightweight, compact chassis of a 600cc Supersport, complemented by technologically advanced suspension front and rear.
The GSX-R750’s look was born and raised on the racetrack, and for its whole lifetime that styling has two new, dual-color paint schemes. Riders can choose the Glass Sparkle Black/Pearl Glacier White scheme that includes red bodywork graphics and striping on the black cast aluminum wheels. Also available is a scheme that blends a shiny and flat finish via Metallic Matter Black/Glass Sparkle Black bodywork that also includes red graphics and accents on black wheels.
The GSX-R750’s fuel injected, 750cc, four-cylinder engine powers a balanced sportbike experience. This engine pulls strong off the bottom like a larger-displacement powerplant while it builds revs like a smaller mill – it’s the best of both worlds.
The Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) lets the rider adjust the engine’s power delivery to suit the riding conditions. The twin-spar aluminum frame effectively connects the steering head with the swingarm pivot portion of the chassis in a way that balances light weight and strength. The engine is suspended below the frame to keep mass low and the wheelbase short to promote nimble handling.
Compact 750cc, four-cylinder engine with a race-proven over-square bore/stroke ratio managed to produce a remarkably strong high rpm power delivery. The energy-efficient engine employs forged pistons, shot-peened connecting rods, chrome-nitride-coated upper compression and oil control rings, and pentagonal ventilation holes to reduce frictional and mechanical losses. Lightweight titanium alloy valves are controlled by single-coil valve springs to reduce valve-train mass, reducing mechanical losses at high rpm. Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection uses eight fine-spray eight-hole injectors for improved fuel atomization, which contributes to more complete combustion. An Engine Control Module (ECM) provides state-of-the-art engine management and has enhanced settings to suit the intake and exhaust systems, resulting in better fuel economy and linear throttle response. Advanced, MotoGP-developed transistorized ignition control programming helps maintain more precise spark timing across the range of engine speed and temperature. Four-into-one stainless steel exhaust system with a titanium muffler is fitted with a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve that maximizes torque and improves throttle response, especially in the low- to mid-rpm range.
Lightweight and compact twin-spar aluminum alloy frame is constructed of five cast sections to produce a balance of light weight and strength. The frame is mated with a cast aluminum swingarm and multi-piece rear sub-frame that’s ready for racetrack use. Race-developed, lightweight Showa Big Piston front Fork (BPF) delivers superb feedback and consistent performance. Single Showa rear shock features externally adjustable rebound and compression damping, along with adjustable ride height. Electronically controlled steering damper provides lighter steering at slower speeds and more damping force at racetrack and highway speeds. Front brakes with fully floating 310mm discs are grasped by radial-mount, four-piston Brembo Monobloc calipers. Three-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels are shod with lightweight, high-grip front and rear tires for sharp handling. Three-way adjustable foot pegs, adjustable shift lever, and short fuel tank help compose a comfortable riding position that permits the rider movement required for performance riding. Compact, lightweight instrument cluster with a built-in lap timer/stopwatch and programmable engine rpm indicators to alert the rider to certain shift points.
The GSX-R750 survived in several incarnations from its launch in 1985 all the way to 2016 before it was finally dropped from the Suzuki range. During its lifetime, the GSX-R750 had to see off competition from impressive rivals such as the Yamaha FZ750 and YZF-R7, Kawasaki ZXR750 and ZX-7R, the Ducati 749 and then a new generation of larger-capacity superbikes such as the FireBlade and Yamaha R1. The GSX-R was much lighter (thanks to its aluminium beam frame, a first for a mass-produced bike) than the FZ750 and its better looks and more futuristic design gave it the edge in the battle of the showrooms. The battle for middleweight supremacy waged on into the 90s and it took a serious overhaul for the Suzuki to respond to the Kawasaki ZXR750 and later ZX-7R models, but the GSX-R kept moving with the times and remains a brilliant choice of machine whether you’re a trackday addict or a road rider.

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Suzuki GSX-R750 & Miray on Ridin'GirlsBlog Suzuki GSX-R750 & Miray on Ridin'GirlsBlog
Suzuki GSX-R750 & Miray on Ridin'GirlsBlog

Same top, different bike (Honda CBR 300 R 🏁)

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