Peugeot Django is a neo-retro scooter that resurrects the myth of the Peugeot S55, the very first scooter marketed by Peugeot which over time evolved into the S57. Created in the early 1950s, the S55 was a very comfortable and well-equipped two-seater scooter. As a symbol of freedom and French elegance, Peugeot designers have taken their inspiration from these past scooters to create the silhouette of its successor: Django.
Inspired by its past, Django is a scooter with lines that seem to want to rewrite history, 60 years later. Above all, Django is an elegant creation. Standing solidly on its 12’’ wheels, Django’s lines flow like a flagship, characterised by its well-rounded rear wings punctuated by 3 air intakes and it’s long, streamlined bodywork reminiscent of the saloon cars of that era.
Django comes with a range of engines from 50cc 2-stroke and 4-stroke to 150cc 4-stroke, and also the 125cc 4-stroke.

Peugeot Django on Ridin'Girls Blog

Peugeot Django

Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015)

Official photoshoot


Laura Cocchi

Peugeot Django 125 Heritage

Peugeot Django Just Cavalli Anniversary



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